The Studio

When you’re getting ready for a special occasion the preparation is actually quite stressful and although you’ll enjoy the event when you’re there – you should enjoy the whole experience. Getting ready should be fun!

When you’re running from a hair salon to a make up studio, you can look as stressed as you feel, the experience you’ve had shows through.

The whole experience at Olivia Muldoon Hair & Make Up studio has been created to be a feminine paradise. The buzz of that big night out starts the minute you arrive!

Ease into our comfy chair and by the first sip of tea, or prosecco if you prefer, all the worries in the world have been left at the door, and you can get in the zone of looking and feeling fabulous. It’s all about you, and for the full appointment you have the undivided attention of one of the most trusted and experienced hair and makeup artists in Ireland at your service.

A hair and makeup appointment takes around 1 hour 15 minutes – an express service with a 5 star rating.

This is a complete service with me creating your hair and makeup look, so there’s no downtime travelling between salons. And more importantly, the hair and makeup look is designed and created with the same creative vision for a polished, effortless look.